Release date: 17th November 2014

"Selected Punishments" is an album, which in its own way illustrates the human rudeness. Symbolically shows the branches of intoxicating human astray on the paths of inner human conscience. Eight times to stop at the crossroads where the path of man's own soul can fall so deep, where there is a gateway to the point of no return back.

With "Selected Punishments" the author closes the circle of one decade of creation, which continues his introspective industrial electronics from concept double album ElectroErotica / ElectroErrorticon from the years 2004 and 2005.


Available now as a digital download and a limited edition CD (40 numbered copies).


Release date: 20th October 2014

Ian Fleming is an Irish-born composer of electronic music. As Lunacybot, Ian produces a variety of styles ranging from electroacoustic pieces, ambient electronica, glitch and techno. In March 2013, he had a tape piece premiered in the National Concert Hall, Dublin, as part of the Contemporary Music Centre's New Music Week. Since then, he has made his debut as a live performer, opening the inaugural Sonic Arts Waterford festival. He is regularly featured on Lyric FM's award-winning show Nova, Ireland's national programme for contemporary music.

‘Cogito Ergo Sum’ is Ian's debut album, released on Ressonus Records in October 2014.


Available now as a limited edition CD (48 numbered copies) and a digital download.


Release date: 14th July 2014

"Dead Grooves" represents one stage of work by the Czech experimental project Selectone. The project's distinctively intuitive approach to minimalism gives birth to hypnotic compositions, mostly built from sonic elements gnawed away by the ravages of time. With the clarity of a retired turntable needle riding the grooves clogged with dust, Selectone carries you away as if passing an atmospheric storm in a haze of altered consciousness.

Most of the album's material was recorded in isolation in a small town on the Czech-Polish border, heightening the introspective character of the tracks. The key to these "Dead Grooves" is circular motion; the album's sound is shaped by the endless spinning of heavily worn shellac records and tapes, forming hypnotically pulsating tracks, masked with crackling and sparkling repetitions.


"Dead Grooves" is available now as a limited edition CD (50 numbered copies) and also as a digital download.


Release date: 17th June 2014

The Agromaniac, an American experimental electronic music producer releases his debut album "AM" on Ressonus Records at the end of June. The 12-track album is loosely inspired by Harlan Ellison's short story "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" from 1967.


"80% of the sounds on this record were created using a human voice", which is quite interesting, as the results do not sound like that. That's great: expectations are shattered. Once you know this, you start to note these things in the strong, heavy beat oriented material. It's part techno, part industrial and it's no wonder this release comes with black print on black paper – nice, but difficult to read. The Pan Sonic inspired heaviness of the music is only part of their trade. Maybe half, maybe a little bit more. The other half, more or less, is created with the same voice material melted down to icy plains of ambient atmospheres – cold, stale wind of vast icey masses on the Northpole. The Agromaniac combines this quite cleverly and it makes a highly varied album. In both the rhythm pieces as well as the ambient pieces the voice plays a bigger role. Cut short to make a rhythm, stretched out to make a drone, either way works fine. I am not sure if this is music one could easily dance too, but on a gothic dance party some of these pieces could go down very well." (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)


Download or limited edition CD (40 numbered copies) available here.


Release date: 26th April 2013

The seventh release of Ressonus Records is an EP by the Foma project from Hradec Králové called Open In Dark Room Only.

The release is available as a free download and also as a handmade, limited edition CD. It marks the vanguard more material that Foma is working on now.

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